Working Together

The Process

  • To begin with, I offer a first, free introductory consultation.

    Here you talk about anything regarding therapy and understand how I work as a psychotherapist I offer a first, free introductory consultation.

  • At your first appointment, you will be invited into a private and comfortable space to discuss your personal hopes in therapy.

    This initial consultation will provide time to discuss any concerns you may have about therapy. Similar to the relationship with your doctor, dentist, or hairdresser is crucial for tending to what’s needed for your body, teeth or hair. Similarly, taking the time to find a good therapist for you is just as important.

  • As we decide to work together, we will plan your therapeutic journey.

  • Ending therapy - how to end therapy is crucial for being in therapy. It is like anything else we may need to reflect on, how to end relationships, friendships or breakups, how to resign from a job, or how to tell someone you love things that hurt you – they’re all about ending the status quo and making a change.


I offer in-person sessions, and video sessions via Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and FaceTime.

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