Shruti Jain

Existential Psychotherapist

Based in Esher, UK

My Approach:

I believe humans have an inherent ability to transform and that a firm therapeutic alliance and mutual trust are crucial elements for self-exploration and reflection; by carefully listening, questioning and having you narrate your life story and life experiences. Through that narration, we search for the truth with an open mind and an attitude of wonder, leaving aside diagnosis that may put you into pre-established categories and interpretations.

Existentialism and existential therapies use a range of approaches, but the major focuses are themes such as responsibility and freedom, loneliness, anxiety, forgiveness, and death.

I aim to create a space in which you can progress your journey of finding meaning in the face of anxiety. We would work cautiously to: choose how to think and act responsibly, confront negative internal thoughts vs. focusing on external forces like societal pressures, cultural limitations or plain old luck, these are just some examples.

I work with my clients to create a therapeutic space that has the potential to foster authenticity, free will, love/loving and creativity – all avenues that enable transformation or understanding of the Self. In working existentially, I emphasize to my clients that I don’t work with an exact goal or an agenda, albeit maybe the one goal: You learn to make more wilful decisions about how to live, drawing on creativity, agency and love, instead of letting external forces or events determine your behaviour and relational patterns. Is that too much to ask for in therapy?

As part of the process, I may also use integrative therapeutic modalities such as CBT, gestalt creative therapy, family systemic therapy and when required, some form of meditation and mindfulness approach. Nevertheless, always remember that the decision lies with you, you have the autonomy to choose how you want to work with me in therapy, so you have control of what journey we take in working together.

Having been exposed to multiple cultures globally, I have a strong understanding and awareness of equality and diversity issues and am used to working with people from varied backgrounds.

My Experience:

I have been a therapist for seven years. I started in London, UK where I gained experience in alcohol and drug addiction, as well as inter-cultural therapy. This allowed me to work with clients from a wide variety of nationalities, faith, sexual orientations and mental health concerns. I have also worked in Singapore where I deepened my experience in a private practice by working with individuals, couples, dyads (parent and child) and families for therapeutic interventions. I also complimented my experience by volunteering and attending to the needs of the young adults and social workers within NGO’s/charities in Singapore.

I am currently studying towards a Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have a BSc in Marketing with a minor in Psychology and an MBA. After ten years of corporate experience in Human Resources, I embarked on a personal journey and decided to retrain as a psychotherapist.

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